On average, it typically costs approximately 1 dollar per lbs of the animal carcass weight for beef processing. Requests for specialty products such as beef sticks and Jerky will cost Extra. The price range for pork processing varies between $150 to $200 for a half of hog and $250 to $300 for a whole for an average size butcher pig. Please remember that all processing costs are based on weight. The larger the animal being processed the higher to cost.

The amount of steak you receive is directly correlated to the size of the beef. An Average size beef carcass with steaks cut at 1” thick will yield approximately 12 to 15 ribeyes, 14 to 18 T-bones, and 5 to 6 sirloin steaks.
On an average size side of beef, if you select our “best roast option” you will receive approximately 5 to 6 chuck roasts, 2 shoulder roasts, and 2 rump roasts if they are cut at 3 lbs. Please keep in mind the number of roasts you receive will vary by the weight of the animal and the size of the roast you request them to cut to.
All of our cutting options are available through our website and may be submitted online. If you have any special cutting requests, please add them in the space provided in the order form *Not all special requests may be attainable. If you have questions about special requests, please contact our office.
As a general rule of thumb, we recommend 1 cubic foot of freezer space per 25 lbs of the finished product. On average, a 5 cubic foot freezer will easily fit a quarter of beef.
All of the meat processes for our customers are package according to customer specification and then boxed ready for the customer to take home. There is no need to bring containers to take your meat home in. The boxes they are in are meant to be sent home with the customer.
Once we process your meat, it is packaged and placed in our blast freezer in order to preserve it at its peak state. Once it is completely frozen we will call and inform you that it is ready for pick up.
Once you receive the call that your order is ready, the meat will need to be picked up by the customer within 2 to 3 business days.
Yes, you may order meat sticks and jerky to be made with your meat through our order forms on our website. There is an extra charge for meat sticks and jerky processing.
Lewright Meats is an Officially Inspecte State meat plant. We are inspected daily by the Meat and Poultry Inspection Bureau under the Iowa Department of Agriculture.
All Animals harvested at Lewright Meats are Inspected by the meat and poultry inspection service and are able to receive a third party label in order to be solid in farmers markets and or grocery stores.
Third-party labeling is the process by which we as a plant label the meat with your farm or business name in conjunction with our Inspection legend, establishment number, and weight allowing the meat to be sold per item.
Through our 80 plus years in business, we have developed relationships with multiple high-quality beef and pork producers that we are able to connect you with. We also have producers raising livestock specifically for us that may be purchased as meat shares directly through Lewright Meats. We know the quality of our producers and will make sure to only connect you to the highest quality beef and pork.
Visit our retail store at 317 W. Broadway St. in Eagle Grove to purchase all of our different meat cuts and specialty products. If you know which product you want, it is best to call ahead to make sure it’s in stock.

Many of our meat and specialty products are available for wholesale purchase for stores and restaurants.