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Local, Corn-fed Beef & Pork

What makes Lewright Meats different?

For four generations, Lewright Meats has been preparing and processing the highest quality beef and pork. The first difference comes with their local, corn-fed sourced meat. The taste and quality are second to none because of this choice, and they continue to source much of their beef and pork from the same central, Iowa farm families they did generations ago.

The traditions of meat processing and preparation are not lost at Lewright Meats. Instead, they are continued and perfected.

All of our hickory-smoked meats are slow smoked with wood right out of Wright County.

Every ham smoked at Lewrights is infused with a brown sugar cure and dry rubbed by hand. Every ham that comes in is hand-trimmed and netted before being hung in our smoke-house.

Our famous Hickory Smoked Sliced Bacon is dry rubbed with a brown sugar cure and smoked to perfection.

The snack sticks and jerky are hung by hand in the original brick smoke house and slow-smoked to perfection. Once cooked, they are trimmed and packaged by hand to ensure only the best make the cut. We continue to add flavors to our selection to delight every meat lover.

Our quality beef is dry-aged before we break it down into customer-specified cuts. Along with the dry-aging, we utilize a sharp freezer (the coldest portion of the freezer), in which the cuts are immediately placed for 24 hours to preserve the cuts at the peak of taste quality.

The art of meat processing and preparation is not lost at Lewright Meats, and for four generations, we continue to utilize sound traditions with the wants of our customers. We welcome you to step into our store location and see the wide selection of retail cuts available to you. We are certain you will taste the Lewright Meats quality difference.